delicious foods and sweets

Sandwiches, baked goods and treats/p>

over 150 artisan organic teas

Remedy Teas offers a collection of contemporary and custom crafted organic teas

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Modern tea presentation

150 teas behind the counter

Tea choices presented behind the counter

delicious foods and sweets

Sandwiches, baked goods and treats/p>

seattle's organic tea cafe

Organic tea, sandwiches, baked goods and treats/p>

seattle's organic tea cafe

Organic tea, sandwiches, baked goods and treats/p>

seattle's organic tea cafe

Organic tea, sandwiches, baked goods and treats/p>

seattle's oorganic tea cafe

Organic tea, sandwiches, baked goods and treats/p>

seattle's organic tea cafe

Organic tea, sandwiches, baked goods and treats/p>

A Cafe suited to a tea

Say hello to organic tea, tasty foods and style in an environment designed to stimulate your senses. Explore tea samples and choose from over 150 organic teas brewed by the cup, the pot and to-go. Get fueled up with tea lattes, matcha green tea and chai or specials with a seasonal twist. Snack on baked goods, sandwiches, soup, salads, tea smoothies and sweets. Outfit your home or work with contemporary teaware and loose leaf tea. Connect with free wifi or with friends at Seattle's premiere tea cafe.

The Cafe

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online tea menu

Checkout the teas we offer by viewing our online store. These are the very same 150 organic teas that we serve and sell to our cafe customers in Seattle. Preview the teas and come by to see, smell and taste a world of wonderful, fresh, organic tea for yourself.

organic tea hot or iced

At the Remedy Teas tea cafe in Seattle's Capitol Hill, each of our teas are served by the cup, by small pot and large pot in sylish glass servingware. Remedy Teas offers over 150 loose leaf organic teas that can be brewed hot or iced. Teas are also brewed to-go as well as a wide selection of fresh-brewed iced teas and seasonal specials. See the full tea menu or contact us anytime.

organic tea lattes

Remedy Teas lattes are made like espresso lattes but with real organic tea and your choice of steamed milk. We offer regular milk, soymilk and ricemilk and a variety of latte choices from fully caffeinated to caffeine free.

Matcha Green Tea Latte
Yerba Mate Latte
Black Tea Latte
Black Tea Chai Latte
Yerba Mate Chai Latte
Rooibos Chai Latte
Pure Rooibos Latte
Honey Lavender Latte
Earl Grey Latte
Rooibos Caramel Latte
Black Tea Mocha Latte
Matcha Vanilla Mint Latte
*Seasonal select lattes also available.

organic matcha green tea

Available by the cup, matcha green tea is the most powerful and healthiest green tea available. Remedy Teas organic matcha is some of the finest matcha found with bright green radiance and smooth, fresh taste. Matcha has up to ninety times the antioxidants and vitamins the average green tea making it a powerhouse of nutrition and green tea energy. Our matcha tea is hand whisked with a bamboo tea whisk and is served straight-up, as lattes or with a blast of fresh ginger juice for extra kick.

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organic tea smoothies

Fresh made from organic tea and only natural ingredients. Each nutritious smoothie showcases the power of real organic tea.

ChocolatePB Power
Stimulating chocolate-shake-like organic cacao, banana, peanut butter, Assam black tea and ricemilk. Mild Caffeine.

Green Vitality
Green and dreamy Matcha green tea, organic banana, mint, soy milk and spirulina blue algae super-greens. Mild caffeine.

Antiox Berry
Antioxidant rich organic berry rooibos tea, organic banana, pineapple and berries. Caffeine free.

Mango Rejuvenator
Organic yerba mate and tropical mango and pineapple with lemon and ricemilk. Mild Caffeine.

Chai Soother
Spicy sweet organic black tea chai, organic banana, ginger juice and soymilk. Mild caffeine.

Organic antiox-rich rooibos tea, organic banana, fresh orange, soy protein and ricemilk. No caffeine.

Citra Energy
Invigorating organic yerba mate tea, ginger juice, pineapple and lemon. Mild caffeine.

Add any supplement: Soy Protein Powder, Spirulina, Peanut Butter, Yogurt, Ginger Juice, Organic Oats

full tea service

Whether you are pampering yourself or snacking with a special someone, you'll swoon over a tower of treats paired perfectly with tea. Tea service is a casual "high tea" served all day at Remedy Teas. You customize your meal and additions can be made if you'd like multiple pots of tea, additional truffles or more.

Small Service
(Serves one to two people)
Presented in a three tiered serving platter, service includes 4 squares of tea sandwiches, a pot of tea, two premium Theo Chocolate truffles, cookies, sliced fruits and a scone or baked goods with butter and jam.
$24 Per Small Service, not per person

Large Service
(Serves two to four people)
Presented in a three tiered serving platter, service includes 8 squares of tea sandwiches, a two pots of tea, two premium Theo Chocolates truffles, cookies, sliced fruits and two scones or baked goods with butter and jam.
$36 Per Large Service, not per person

* Remedy Teas can not take reservations. Tea service is available day or night.
* For questions about the service, groups, busy times, catering, etc contact us anytime.
* See sandwich options below. Baked goods assortment is available daily.

tea sandwiches

Snack on bite-sized sandwiches — it's high tea for today. Sandwiches are whole sized sandwiches prepared into four scrumptious corners. Order one flavor or get half and half of two flavors. Sandwiches use only organic breads and feature organic ingredients. Vegan substitutions can be made on nearly all the sandwiches.

Cuke' Classic
Fresh organic cucumbers, chive cream cheese and buttery spread on organic white bread with chopped chive garnish.

Crunchy organic radishes, red onion and buttery spread on organic white bread with black sesame seed garnish.

Tomato Fresha
Fresh organic tomato and basil with fresh mozzarella and buttery spread on organic ciabatta roll.

Nutella Crisp
Nutella chocolate spread, green apple and cream cheese on organic date-nut bread with chopped walnut garnish.

Pb and j
Organic peanut butter and jam on organic white bread with chopped salted peanut garnish.

Apple Pie
Tasty apple butter, melted cheddar cheese and buttery spread toasted on organic date-nut bread with cinnamon garnish.

Pesto Cream
Savory pesto, cream cheese and fresh organic tomato on organic wheat bread with seed garnish.

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fresh salad

Simple nutritious and delicious salads are prepared fresh for you. Salads use organic greens and ingredients whenever possible. Dressings are prepared fresh in-house using premium, natural ingredients.

Organic Remedy Green
Organic mixed salad greens, tomatoes, chickpeas, carrot, cucumber and walnuts with smoky tea-infused house balsamic vinaigrette. Side and full sizes available.

hot organic soup

100% organic, tasty, healthy and nutritious hot soup is served with an organic whole grain roll. All soups are vegan, wheat-free and delicious and served in small and large sizes. There is typically one alternating "soup of the day" with occasional seasonal specials.

soup salad sandwich combos

Combinations of soup, salads and sandwiches offer customers a bit savings in combo orders.

Soup and Salad - Small soup and mini garden salad
Soup and Sandwich - Small soup and choice tea sandwich
Salad and Sandwich - Small salad and choice tea sandwich

anytime foods

Not just for breakfast, these bites are good at all hours and go perfectly with tea.

Organic Granola -Basic Bowl
Organic nutty granola sprinkled with coconut, with your choice of milk. Organic yogurt additions available.

Organic Granola -The Works
Organic granola with fresh chopped apple, dried fruits, almonds, walnuts sprinkled with coconut, with your choice of milk. Organic yogurt additions available.

Antiox Oatmeal
Organic quick oats with antioxidant rich fruits, nuts and tea. Energizing, comforting goodness of organic oats, cranberries, raisins, walnuts, almonds infused with antioxidant rich rooibos tea.

Toast and Jam
Your choice of of thick slices of organic toasted bread (whole wheat or raisin pecan) with butter and jam. Vegan butter available.

Baked Goods
Enjoy a daily assortment of baked goods including scones, muffins, brownies, lemonbars, pastries, cookies, organic breads and cakes. Lots of vegan and wheat-free options available.

Cheese Plate
Fancypants cheese and crackers: 3 cheeses; Dutch parano, soft brie and garlic herb chevre served with lavash artisan crackers. Cheese selection subject to change.

Tea Cookie Plate
Selection of eight tea cookies and sliced fruit garnishes. Cookies are made for by local baker to be paired perfectly with tea.

Organic Confections and Decadent Desserts
Remedy Teas fine confections are made by Seattle's favorite chocolatier Theo Chocolates. Featuring organic ingredients and award winning flavors, nothing is quite as sweet as organic Theo Chocolates with organic teas from Remedy Teas. We offer a variety of Theo made confections and chocolate bars.

for the kids

We welcome parents and their little ones with a range of bites and caffeine free teas perfect for kids of all ages. Full kids "tea service" is available for children that includes sandwiches, snacks and tea.

Kids Tea Service
Presented on a kid-style tray, service includes four pb and j sandwich squares, fruit slices, carrot sticks with cream cheese and animal crackers served with a small pot of kid's tea. Perfect for one to two children.

Veg Plate
Organic carrots and celery sticks with cream cheese.

Apples and Pb
Sliced organic apples with organic peanut butter.

Organic Snacks
Bowls of your choice of organic cheese puffs or organic kid's cookies.

Organic Drinks
Organic juice, organic hot chocolate, milk and lots of caffeine free teas.

Kid's Teas
Recommended teas include, any Rooibos teas, #103 Baked Apple, #106 Banana Split, #127 Cranapple, #130 Currantberry and others. Remedy Teas has many caffeine free, nutritious tea options with tastes that kids love. We serve tea for children in special tot-sizes cups and pots. See full tea menu.

healthy, natural and organic

One of the reasons we love tea is that it's a natural product that promotes health and wellness. While we do have plenty of guilty pleasures on our menu, we maintain a commitment to offering our friends and neighbors mainly healthful, natural and organic foods that nourish, are environmentally responsible and are fresh and delicious. We are a strictly vegetarian premises. We offer vegan and wheat-free options throughout the menu and baked goods case. We buy local and organic as much as possible and love providing people with natural foods to go with their 100% natural organic tea. If you have any questions about the menu offerings or any way we can help you, contact us anytime.

For any tea orders or to see the full tea menu visit the online store.

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The Remedy Teas cafe on Seattle's Capitol Hill features indoor and outdoor seating, free wifi, music and modern style, it is a gathering spot, a hangout, a hideout and an oasis for everything tea designed to bring healthy and tasty tea to a new generation of tea drinkers.

* Our products are prepared and/or packaged at facilities that may use nuts or nut extracts