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delicious foods and sweets

Sandwiches, baked goods and treats/p>

delicious foods and sweets

Sandwiches, baked goods and treats/p>

seattle's organic tea cafe

Organic tea, sandwiches, baked goods and treats/p>

seattle's organic tea cafe

Organic tea, sandwiches, baked goods and treats/p>

seattle's organic tea cafe

Organic tea, sandwiches, baked goods and treats/p>

seattle's organic tea cafe

Organic tea, sandwiches, baked goods and treats/p>

seattle's organic tea cafe

Organic tea, sandwiches, baked goods and treats/p>

life is complicated, your tea doesn't have to be

Tea is healthy and tasty, and it should be simple and easy to brew. Whether you are a connoisseur or new to tea, tea can be enjoyed on any level. There are no rules. It is your tea, drink it how you like it. By knowing a few tips on tea brewing, you might just love it a whole lot more. Use these tips to learn the basics, but have fun experimenting to find your taste.

Each tea on our menu has simple brewing tips listed in the online store click here to see the teas

We love to help

There is nothing that makes us happier than helping you with tea. Email us for tips anytime info@remedyteas.com or if you are in Seattle, stop by the Tea Cafe and we'll talk tea. The online store always has tea-specific brewing tips when you need them and on the back of every bag of we pack, we mark simple brewing instructions. Please let us know anytime we can help you make great tea.


Tea brewing is simple. Relax, it's only tea. Enjoy the brewing process. The three things to consider is the type of tea, the temperature of the water and the time you steep it. To know your water temperature, grab a little thermometer or check out the bubble action in your kettle with the notes below. With temperature, the main thing to remember is lighter teas use lower water temperature; the rest are best with boiling water. Time is the most important factor in brewing your tea. Time can make tea bitter. And nobody likes bitter tea. Follow the tips below and enjoy tasty tea.

TEMP: 175˙ - Little bubbles beginning to rise in kettle
TIME: 1-3 min - Never over 3 min with green or raw pu-erh

TEMP: 185˙ - Streams of little bubbles rising in kettle
TIME: 3-4 mins

TEMP: 205˙- Rolling boil hottest temp water in kettle
TIME: 3-5 mins - Never over 4 min with black tea

TEMP: 185˙- Streams of little bubbles rising in kettle
TIME: 3-5 mins - Steep according to desired taste

In our opinion, while water temp and scoop size matters, the best thing you can do to make the perfect cup is to avoid oversteeping with too much time. If you want stronger tea, don't add more steep time, add a little more leaf. If you are brewing herbal tea for a stronger medicinal potency, that might be the only time we'd overbrew tea. Otherwise keep it short and sweet.

These tips are intended as general info for tea brewing, but please refer to the suggestions on any packaged RemedyTeas loose leaf tea and the tea-specific instructions in our online store for each tea.


Steeping means brewing your tea. Resteeping means rebrewing the leaves over and over again for additional pots of tea. Resteeping tea is one of greatest secrets of loose leaf tea. When you buy high quality loose leaf tea you can most always rebrew your leaves again and again. Some teas work better than others. It is the type of tea, how it looks and how it is made that dictates how good of a resteeper it will be. Follow the tips below and have fun getting the most out of your tea.

WHITE: 3-5 Steeps
A light and subtle tea that can get slightly sweeter and sweeter each infusion

GREEN: 2-5 Steeps
Most green teas, especially tightly wound or twisted teas resteep great tasting second and third cups

OOLONG: 3-6 Steeps
Oolongs reveal unique character and nuance with each resteeping, often each infusion is better than the last

PU-ERH: 3-10 Steeps
Famed for its ability to be resteeped more than most any other tea, pu-erhs are the kings of resteeping

YERBA MATE: 3-6 Steeps
Traditionally resteeped many times, yerba mate is often resteeped with leaves left in

ROOIBOS and HERBALS: 1-3 Steeps
Most herbal, botanical and fruit teas provide one flavorful resteeping after another

Resteep leaves in one sitting only. Brewed loose leaf tea and botanicals should not be kept overnight.

leaf amounts

Tea comes in every shape and size. Some are small and fine, others are big, fluffy and everything in-between. Use more tea for larger leaf and less tea for smaller leaf. The amount of leaf you use effects the taste. Adjust the strength of your tea by adding more or less leaf. How much tea you choose to use is a good way to find your taste for tea. Use the measures below as a guide and adjust according to taste.

FINE TEA: Use 1 level teaspoon per cup
REGULAR TEA: Use 1 heaping teaspoon per cup
FLUFFY TEA: Use 2 or more teaspoons per cup

Above is based on making approximately an 8 ounce cup.
To make stronger tea, add more leaf not more time.
When making iced tea, double the amount of leaf.

iced teas

If you are looking to chillout with something cool, click here for in depth information. We love fresh iced tea made with high quality organic tea leaves. It's refreshing, invigorating and versatile, there's so much to love. Get the full scoop on iced tea — with some history, info and brewing tips so you can easily make great iced tea at home. Forget those bottled beverages and pricey energy drinks and go with mother nature's original energy drink for a fraction of the cost. Brew loose leaves, fill up your own bottle and you'll be chilling all summer long. We hope you enjoy learning about iced tea, check out the teas in store, see the popular iced tea picks, ask us your questions or visit the cafe in Seattle for everything you want to know about fresh organic iced tea. Click here to check out our seasonal feature on iced tea for making perfect iced tea that's simple and delicious.

the tea scoop

All teas, white, green, oolong, pu-erh and black come from the same plant. That magical, nutrient-rich plant is called Camellia Sinensis or the "tea plant". It is a hearty, evergreen plant that thrives in tropical and warm highland regions like Asia, India, Africa and other spots across the globe. The leaves and buds of the tea plant are harvested and processed in a multitude of ways to produce a seemingly infinite variety of teas. Tea comes to you in pure, unblended form as well as tea that is blended with other teas and botanicals to create new and exciting tastes. Herbal teas, rooibos, yerba mate, fruit teas and other roots and spices are not from the tea plant but have come to be known as "tea" and also offer their own array of delicious tastes and nutritional benefits. Remedy Teas specializes in pure organic tea of all kinds featuring custom crafted artisan teas and botanicals, contemporary blends and a large selection of pure teas from around the globe.

do organic

Organic tea is free of pesticides and unatural synthetics offering you the purest cup possible. Tea is a natural, healthful product that, unlike other agriculture, cannot be washed before it's brewed in your cup. That means, whatever was sprayed on the crops or was in the soil could appear in your cup — so it better be as pure and healthy as nature intended. Aside from the social, economic and environmental reasons to choose organic, high quality organic tea can offer deliciously heightened aroma and flavor with each cup. Choose organic for your health, for freshness, for the planet. Doing good tastes great.

Each tea on our menu has simple brewing tips listed in the online store click here to see the teas

the more tea you brew the more you get to know your tea. teas, herbals and botanicals offer thousands of varieties of taste, health and brewing pleasure — each of them could be brewed in different ways revealing different tastes and benefits. Have fun finding your taste for tea. If you ever have questions or would like more in-depth information about tea, email us at info@remedyteas.com, contact us anytime or visit a Remedy Teas Cafe.